A New Beginning in Mental Health Care

Wyoming's new beginning in mental health started April 26, 2018, when the state broke ground on new facilities at the Wyoming State Hospital. 

The project is part of a multi-million
dollar initiative to modernize facilities
in Evanston and Lander at the Life Resource Center.

As early as 1886, Wyoming recognized
the need to have quality facilities to
care for residents with behavioral health issues. These updates will help ensure patients continue to receive modern treatment and care.

In Honor of Wyoming's Heroes

Realizing a potential need, in 2018 the Wyoming Legislature authorized the planning and design of a skilled nursing center especially for veterans.

The State Construction Department was appropriated $300,000.00 to conduct a 
level I and level II study in consultation with the Veterans' Commission and the Wyoming Department of Health.

This skilled nursing center for veterans would be the first of its kind in Wyoming.