About Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) was established in 2013 by  House Enrolled Act
No. 42. This law created a Construction Management Program within the Department
of Administration and Information (A&I) to support the Wyoming's State Building Commission (SBC). The law also provided for an administrator to oversee the program,
serve as the Commission secretary, and implement the Commission's policies.

In 2016, following further legislation, Construction Management ceased being a
division of A&I and was merged with Wyoming School Facilities to form The State
Construction Department (SCD).

In addition to supporting the SBC, Construction Management oversees the construction,
renovation and major maintenance of state buildings and community colleges. It also
manages state property acquisitions.

Mel Muldrow is the current administrator of Construction Management. Click here to
read about Mel's professional background.

Mel Muldrow
Construction Management